Why Fortnite Is Finally Dying

Fortnite was a game that took the world by storm, but now it seems like its reign is over.

By Klaidas, London · April 19, 2019


Pic: Unsplash / Alex Haney

Fortnite’s huge content variety, PG rating and the fact that it was free to play made it very profitable, for both content creators and the company.

Fortnite is a ‘battle royale’ that had a very easy premise; survive. At first, the game blew up, but recently it has had a massive decline.

The numbers have gone down

Fortnite is amongst one of the most, if not the most, popular games in the world. Although the total players increased, monthly players are decreasing. Even though it has approximately a staggering 40 million recurring players per month, this figure has decreased.

Take Minecraft as an example. It has 91 million recurring players per month. That’s over double, not to mention Minecraft has been around for over 9 years and sees no point of decreasing.



Consistency of updates

Fortnite’s updates are, arguably, keeping the game ‘alive’. With new consistent updates once a week, the creators are always introducing something new. This made some avid player believe the game to be luck based and people were at a very similar skill level of almost professional. In other words, the game could not be played casually.

RNG-based game

The main concept of Fortnite is to live but the RNG (Random Number Generator) makes it very hard to even start! The game took up traction because no one knew what to do, but now everyone knows all of the facts about everything, all the new ‘metas’ and tips and tricks

Fortnite is a flawed game but so are the others. Fortnite has a good premise but poor execution. The trend is dying at last.