Why I Believe Socialism Is Better Than Communism And Capitalism

By Sakeeza, London · April 19, 2019


Pic: Pexels / Element5 Digital

I believe that socialism is better than both communism and capitalism because it has an ideology where everyone is equal.

Socialism focuses on democracy, liberty and having the people as a whole be happy. Some may argue communism is the same, but I disagree.

Communism is when there is only one party, everything is controlled and everything is to be shared out. There is no real equality.

Meanwhile, capitalists have an ‘every man for themselves’ attitude. A brief way of putting it would be the saying “you have to fend for yourself”. This can lead to major casualties as some people can not work and some people need assistance.

Socialism actually cares about its people

Communism works by having one party and one dictator. Everything is run by him or her. A present day example of communism is the North Korean and dictator Kim Jong Un.

Capitalism has a series of parties and a vote (election) to decide who will be the President, and Presidents can only run for 4 years at a time. Donald Trump, the US President, is an example of this.

Socialism is an economic and political system where the ways of living are decided by the people. Cuba is an example of a socialist state. Socialism truly does care for the people by having democracy and having liberal laws, however, comparisons to communism are made.

The difference between communism and socialism

Some may say socialism would lead to a shambolic crisis thanks to the type of communism that existed in the 1950s.  At this time, society was dealing with the cold war and a superpower America. We all saw that taking countries by force and using threats is not the best way to get a political system to work.

The rise of socialism

I think that socialism is rising and that is a good thing. We are lucky enough to have a system that does partially work.

No political system will ever be perfect, but I believe that we should have a system where everyone is equal and we have human rights.