Why I Believe Vegan Diets Are Unnecessary

When it comes to carnivores vs omnivores and Vegetarians vs Vegans, debates can get very heated! However, I believe vegan diets are unnecessary and I am a proud meat eater.

By Gabriel, London · July 2, 2019

Pic: Unsplash / Jon Tyson

Carnivores like me love our KFC chicken and pepperoni pizza and beefy Big Mac burgers, but of course, once in a while, we have maybe a salad or fruit. But on the other hand we have vegans that excessively eat things like seaweed sandwiches and legumes and seeds…and the more I talk about the food they eat it just hurts my brain!



In my opinion, both the taste and the nutrition of vegan diets are unbelievably one-sided. Plus, everything related to food is so demanding! For example, the milk you have to eat with your cereal (let alone the cereal itself!) has to be so specific and can be expensive to buy and difficult to find.



I’m sure that there are downs than ups when it comes to the effects of vegan food on a human body. One of the main effects is energy and weight issues. As I said before, the vegan diet is heavily plant-based meaning you consume fewer calories than someone that eats animal-derived foods. This can make it harder for you to gain weight which is important for you workaholics in the gym that want to bulk up and get shredded.



I’m also pretty sure that most of the food vegans eat would not help them generate as much energy, meaning they are tired all the time. That is no way to live! A balanced diet- that includes meat- is!