Why I Believe Video Games Are Not Just A Waste Of Time

Video games have many qualities that improve both mind and body while having also allowing you to have fun.

By Jas, London · July 16, 2019

video game

Pic: Unsplash/ Samantha Sophia

Video games can be entertaining but some people, especially parents, think that video games are just to waste time. However, some scientific studies have proven that video games can be good for you. Video games come via different platforms, and I think every game can have a benefit to our health. Here are some types of games that could help you improve both your brain and body.

Racing and first player shooter games improve your reaction time and memory

Your parents might shout at you for overplaying these too much, but video games such as Mario Kart and Call of Duty can be a good exercise for your brain to react to your surroundings. To press ‘jump’ on Mario Kart at the right time and to see enemies from a distance, you need to be aware of your surroundings and have a quick reaction time. These games can also help improve memory. When navigating through an area, you need to remember shortcuts when you are in the last place or hiding places you are low on health.



They help your body

In this modern world, technology has been made for entertaining people. For example, Wii games such as Wii Fit and Tennis get us up out of our seats to play. Just this little exercise could have a difference to your body. Dancing games such as Just Dance will not only help you to be physically fit. It also makes you an excellent dancer! These games can be great for those who don’t want to go to the gym.

Brain games help you be strategic

Brain games might be boring for some, but these games teach your brain to be strategic in difficult situations and be able to get around them. This could be really helpful for your mind because it really engages you into reading comprehension, and logic, which could also help your education. However, brain games have always had a love/hate relationship with society. Some may find it fun, and some may not because they think it is boring. Those who do should not worry, brain games come in different forms. You could always find some games that are for you.



It has to be said that unfortunately, overusing and playing video games for a long time can harm your body. So, balance yourself with quality time, spending time with your family, and not getting left out of the world’s news. You should not always live in a virtual world. Be aware of your real world. Life can be stressful, but you have your phone, console or television to help you relieve that stress.

In conclusion, video games can help your body and mind. They can help you to react to your surroundings and helps you to make you more responsive in situations. Games can also make you strategic in different situations and helps improve your logic skills. Both of which may help with school. Meanwhile, gyms might not be for everyone, but dancing or sports games can also make you get up off your seat and have a workout.