Why I Think Center Midfielder Is The Best Position In Football

Considering taking up football? Centre midfielder could be the position for you.

By Liam, London · May 12, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

Center midfielder is good for your fitness

Center midfielder is good for your fitness because you are always running around the pitch. If you are a striker then you are only attacking. You are also not running around as much as your teammates when your team is defending. You are just waiting at the halfway line for the ball to come out to you.

Center midfielder is good for controlling the game

This position is great for controlling how your team play. If you want to play in an attacking manner then you can try and kick the ball over the top of their defenders to your left or right winger or your striker. Sometimes you have to play defensive, then you can turn around and pass the football back to your center back or goalkeeper. 

Center midfielder is good for your shooting ability

If you are playing against a team and are dominating them then you will have quite a few chances to shoot. I think that center midfielders score the best goals as most of them are on the edge of the box and they curl it into the top right or left corner.

Center midfielder is good for your defensive ability

If you are playing a team that is much better than you, then you might want to play more defensively. If the other team is running with the ball at you, you should not try to tackle them straight away otherwise they can easily get past you and then you will have to run back as fast as you can to try and get the ball back. If you don’t try and tackle them straight away then you can wait for them to make a mistake and then get the ball when you know you can win the ball off of them.