Why More People Should Love BTS

Society praises hard-working individuals with good hearts, so more people should welcome the idea of this successful Korean boy band.

By Tannelle, London · July 9, 2019

Pic: Pixabay / Karen Arnold

Their music is unique and relatable

While most songs in charts revolve around topics such as romance, break-ups, violence or sexual things, K-Pop boyband BTS takes a different approach to the content of the music they produce, which reflects their real-life values. Debuting with the song ‘No More Dream’, a song outlining topics that were considered taboo in South Korea, such as the pressures put on kids by the older generation who don’t understand what it’s like to be young in modern society.

BTS managed to break social boundaries and set themselves apart from other K-Pop groups and idols by speaking out about the kinds of things that others were too afraid to do.



They understand how the younger generation feels

As mentioned beforehand, BTS touched on various controversies in their own country as well as abroad. In September 2017, BTS started the album series called ‘Love Yourself’ which amplified the importance of loving oneself before loving another. This blew up among the younger generation, especially because mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are so common. I think being taught about the importance of self-love through catchy music made all the difference. BTS’s leader, RM, soon made his phrase ‘Love yourself, love myself’ well known among the large – and continuously growing – ARMY. This is the name they call their fans and followers.

I think that BTS reminds people that they are not alone and that they should be the most important person to themselves.



They are always honest with their fans

While most artists hid their personal struggles and their true selves behind a mask, BTS make sure that (almost) every aspect of themselves and their careers are shared to their fans. This builds a strong relationship and mutual respect. For example, arguments among the members are not hidden from ARMYs and are even recorded in their shows such as ‘Burn the Stage’.

The boys are also in touch with their emotions and never hold back from crying on stage in front of thousands of fans, which reminds people that they are more alike than one might believe. They are not just idols; they are real people with real struggles and genuine emotions. This kind of behaviour is like a breath of fresh air for fans who live in a society of toxic masculinity.



It is definitely safe to say that BTS has come along way with their fans and always aim to grow from the love and support that they receive. They genuinely care and most of the things that they work for are in the best interest of the fans, despite not having a real break in a long while. Society praises hard-working individuals with good hearts, so it’s a mystery as to why BTS is not even more popular.