Why Personal Hygiene Is So Important

Keeping yourself safe is more than just washing your hands occasionally.

By Qaailah and Caitlyn · April 4, 2019


Pic: Pixabay/ Suju

Personal hygiene is important to you to keep you safe from any unnecessary infections. If you don’t wash your hands, pathogens (a microorganism that can cause infection/disease) can quickly get into your eyes, nose and mouth. They can even get inside your body through tiny cuts,  causing diarrhoea, influenza (flu) and other infections.



Being lazy can affect your body hygiene

Being lazy could mean that don’t want to wipe yourself after peeing, or wash your hands after going to the toilet. These can cause many different infection that can get into your genital area (such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis).



Dealing with periods

Girls, starting your period can be a scary thing, and you may not know how to look after yourself. One essential thing you must do is change your sanitary towel/tampon regularly.  You should change your sanitary towel/tampon approximately every 3 hours. This will stop bacteria growing in the blood.



Playing sport

After playing sport or exercising, showering is important because the build-up of bacteria can cause infections and acne on your face or body. Infections caused by this include dermatitis neglecta, skin rashes and yeast infections. Not showering can also cause body odour, which quite frankly, nobody wants to smell.