Why The Piano Is The Best Instrument

88 keys, 36 black and 52 white, all with different and wonderful sounds. Here is why the piano is the best instrument in the world.

By Nicolò, London · July 16, 2019

Pic: Unsplash /  Shelbey Miller 

Notes that fly in the air and reach our ears, melodies that can change our feelings even if feeling destroyed. All coming out from a big wooden box, a beautiful shape that enchants people looking at it. Relaxing, smooth lines that enclose strings that produce magnificent sounds when hit by the tiny hammers.

The piano is the best instrument in the world; here’s why.

A Solo Instrument

The piano is a “solo” instrument, meaning it doesn’t need any other instrument playing with it. Our soft-pedal friend can be played in the way you like with every kind of music you like: jazz, blues, classical, rock. But sometimes, it aid other instruments such as trumpet or violin, which I believe don’t sound very good by themselves.

The Beauty

I personally find the piano the most beautiful instrument ever made. There are two types: the Upright and the Grand. The Upright piano has four different structures. The most common is the “Straight-strung”, followed by the others: Overstrung, Spinet and Console. Many people prefer them because they occupy less space than the Grand. Indeed, the Upright piano, instead of the Grand, has a vertical structure while the Grand has a horizontal structure.



The Sound

The sound of the piano, instead of other instruments, is much warmer and deeper. This is unlike the trumpet, for example, that is loud and shrill. The piano gives the possibility to easily play chords and melody at the same time, or even two melodies. It’s like having a small band in a box. The sound is charming and relaxing, the perfection.



The piano can be played in many different ways, it is beautiful with soft and smooth lines, which produces a warming sound that relaxes everyone, even the musician.