Why School Work Is More Important Than You Think

Many people have the belief that school work is pointless and a waste of time, but that is not the case.

By Kyo, London · April 24, 2019


Pic: Unsplash / Cathryn Lavery

Here are three reasons why school-related activities are vital and how they can affect your future.



Your future job is at stake

Whatever subject you are learning, it is for the sake of a job. In June 2018 the unemployment rate in the UK was 4%. You don’t want to be part of that percentage. That is about one person in a classroom who will be unemployed in the future. Do you want to be that 1 out of 25?

Jobs can be difficult, stressful and demanding, so it’s best to be well-prepared.

Gain experience

When leaving school to get a job, unless they are entitled to a company, everyone starts out the same. You will be the same, in the lowest position in the company hierarchy.

You can get used to meeting deadlines in the workplace when you’re still at school. This will make it easier for you to move up the ladder when you start work. You’ll improve your experience and diligence in your work. Experiencing work in school is to prepare you for life later.




You can improve your social skills when working in a big group or even if you only have one partner when at school. In the future, you will use to skills you’ve learned to communicate with colleagues, friends and family.