Why Telltale Games Fired 250 Staff, Leaving Just 25 Remaining

What exactly happened behind the scenes at the gaming giant?

By Anthony, London · March 18, 2019


Telltale Games is an American gaming company who create a variety of games, including The Walking Dead, Batman: The Telltale Series and Minecraft: Story Mode. These are just some examples of their biggest successes. However, on September 21st 2018, Telltale laid off 250 employees and reported that they were forced to do a ‘majority studio closure‘.

So, what happened?


The reason that Telltale Games laid off most of their staff, with only 25 remaining, was because they were overwhelmed with financial issues. The investors of the company pulled out during the production of The Walking Dead, Season 4, causing an outburst of rage in the gaming community. This left buyers of season 4 with a half completed game.



As such, Telltale Games have been motivated by the gaming community to proceed on making these unfinished episodes themselves. With only 25 staff, this may not be possible, or at best take a very long time.

Telltale have many plans for the future and are moving forward by some of their original employees to do this work.


There will be an opportunity for the company to succeed after they have settled their financial issues, but until then, Telltale will have to struggle with the support of the gaming community only.