Why We Shouldn’t Play Video Games

Video games can cause many problems that affect the way you think, behave and act in your everyday life.

By Amari, London · April 16, 2019

video game

Pic: Unsplash/ Samantha Sophia

Playing video games can be fun, however, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t play them.

Games take up too much time

Sometimes, playing games just takes up too much time. If you insist on playing them, you should have a time limit for how long you will play for.

Some parents complain about how playing games takes up loads of time. which makes them do badly in school and potentially fail in important subjects. I agree with them- this is a big risk! 



Games can become addictive

After playing a game for a while it can become very addictive. For some people, this means that when they are at school this is the only thing they can think about. Instead, they should be focusing on their studies. This is a really unhealthy lifestyle, as all you think about is consuming your time with playing games.

Games can contribute to future failures

Many kids across the world play games, however, some kids play it for many, many hours and this is not a good thing. If their parents don’t encourage their kids to get off the games console, the kid may take advantage and stay up until really late playing. If they are doing this then they are not doing something productive, such as revising for their exams.