Why You Should Be Finding The Time To Exercise

We've all heard about how good exercise is for us. Let's take a look at what you should be aiming to achieve each week.

By Vicky, London · March 15, 2019


Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / Emma Simpson

Everyone knows of the term ‘exercise’. However, not everyone actually takes this into account and exercises regularly.

It is recommended by the NHS for us to exercise for 150 minutes per week moderately, plus strength exercises on at least two days. This helps us to keep in shape, be fit and avoid issues like obesity. Not everybody does this though, but here is why they should.

To keep fit

Intense exercise burns calories, which helps you maintain a healthy weight. Meanwhile, more simple activities like walking to school or relaxed cycling can have a massive impact on your life in the long term. No matter the type, as long as both are happening regularly, you will be increasing your level of fitness. You will also boost your immune system, which can make you more resistant to getting poorly.


Exercising is fun

Although this may be hard to believe, if you find the right sport or form of exercise for you, you can, in fact, grow to love it and it can be like a hobby for you. There are also some activities that you might forget do count as exercise. For example, some people may not consider yoga as a sporty, but it actually is! Some people love yoga and treat it is a vital part of their life.


It relieves stress

Exercising regularly can act as a distraction to your daily life, and therefore take your mind off things that may be on your mind or bothering you. It is like ‘meditation in motion’, as it puts you in a good mood, it relaxes you and lowers the symptoms of depression. All these factors feed into exercising, relieving stress and other issues.


If you do it in the right manner and don’t over-exert yourself, exercising is 100% beneficial.