Workers In Barking And Dagenham Earn £106 Per Week Less Than London Average

The labour figures highlight the lack of opportunities as workers in Barking and Dagenham earn £105.70 on average less than workers across London.

By Lisa, Barking and Dagenham · April 20, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

Workers in Barking and Dagenham earnt £105.70 less per week than the average workers in London last year, new data reveals.

According to data from the Office of National Statistics, the unemployment rate in the borough was also higher than the rest of the city, with 6 per cent without a job compared to 4.6 per cent across the capital.

The figures show a quarter of all employed are in “elementary occupations” such as process plants, farms, fishing and construction workers.

This comes after more than seven years since two major companies moved out of the borough, Ford and pharmaceutical giant Sanofi.

Ford’s stamping plant at Dagenham closed in 2013, making way for housing. Car engines are still assembled at the factory.

While Sanofi has left the borough, the pharmaceutical firm left on good terms by donating the May and Baker Sports and Social Club to the council.

Their former site in Rainham Road has been converted to a hub for further scientific research and film studios at Londoneast-uk Business and Technical Park.

Cllr Cameron Geddes, the cabinet member for regeneration, said: “The council has a target to generate 10,000 new jobs across the borough over the next twenty years. 

“We must identify jobs which will be needed in the future and attract companies to locate here and we must ensure that our people have the education and training needed to land those jobs.”

He added the council insists developers give local firms priority to lead the construction of any projects.