‘You Can Do Anything’- Why Some Forms Of Freedom Are Dangerous

For all of its positive elements, having a sense of absolute freedom can cause problems. Here are three ways in which total freedom can be a bad thing.

By Gabriel, London · March 18, 2019


Pic: Pixabay Creative Commons / StockSnap

Freedom makes people feel powerful, not merely to do or say anything without any censorship, but to do dangerous and life-threatening things. Here are some of the ways this misuse of freedom can occur.

1. The Internet

Commenting on the personality or appearance of another person in an offensive or inappropriate manner is a huge concern when entering the internet. It’s a massive problem as a lot of innocent individuals get comments about themselves. Yet because they are sent via the internet, they won’t know who the person is in real life. Just reporting their accounts won’t do much. This verbal abuse can horribly affect their mental health.

2. Vandalism

Vandalism is an act of deliberately damaging public or private property. But how is this related to how having some freedom isn’t a good idea? Well, that’s because a particular group of people go out of their way to damage something which it’s not theirs. So graffiti on the owner’s property or damaging without the owner’s consent is not acceptable. It has the possibility of encouraging others to do the same thing because some see it as ‘fun’ to do.

3. Murder

Seeing teenagers run around with weapons such as knives and guns makes you think, why? Why would they have possession of something that can literally kill anyone on their sight?

In November 2017, a 17-year-old was stabbed to death in Betts Park, South London.  It feels like many people are brainwashed, that they think carrying a knife makes them safe. They don’t realise that they can use their hands and feet to protect themselves. They don’t realise that they’re carrying death.

The idea of ‘you can do anything’ corrupts the mind of the many. They think taking someone’s life is alright.

In the end, having some freedom isn’t bad. It’s just a matter of you choosing the correct decisions. What you do or don’t do can affect other people around you. It’s best to control the feeling of having total freedom. It can lead to troublesome events.