You, Teen Girl, Are Beautiful. Why Are We Making You Feel Otherwise?

In this day and age, girls are under a lot of pressure to be seen as beautiful. So who is to blame for this? Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

By Abigail, London · March 15, 2019

teen girl

Pic: Unsplash Creative Commons / Febri Sym

Teenage girls in the UK and further afield often try and ‘improve’ their appearance by wearing makeup, even at a very young age. Where is this pressure coming from?


Possibility 1: Social media

What does social media have to do with it? Well, in society these days teenagers are influenced by social media because they can quickly and easily look at up-to-date images and videos of their idols. Sometimes these idols do not look like themselves and are covering their natural beauty with makeup, cosmetic surgery and filters. There is also the impact that their own social media presence can have on teenagers. This poll found that 35% of young women care about what other social media users think about them by way of likes, comments and interaction.


Possibility 2: Friends and peers

What impact do friends’ opinions have on these teen girls? I believe that young girls seem to care more about what other people think about them than ever. This can impact what kind of hairstyles they do, taking part in activities that are not suitable for their age or changing their values.

Possibility 3: Celebrities, influencers and icons

Celebrities, influencers and icons, especially those with a presence on social media, can influence children to do unhealthy things to be perceived as beautiful. Social media can influence young girl to want to have plastic surgery to look ‘more beautiful’. People capitalise on that insecurity and make jokes about them. This is called cyber bullying and can be very damaging.



Possibility 4: TV shows and movies

Finally, how do TV shows and films spark insecurities? TV shows and films can show that girls should be dressing in provocative clothing and should wear a load of makeup to be seen as beautiful. However, no girl should think like that.

Instead, we should be teaching our girls that they are beautiful just as they are.