Zero Cannabis-Related Arrests Of Young People In Washington For Five Years

No young people were arrested for buying, selling, or otherwise possessing the illegal substance in Washington in the last five years.

By Hannah, Robbie and Laila, Newcastle · May 18, 2020

Pic: Shutterstock

No young people aged 10-24 have been arrested for cannabis-related crimes in the last five years in Washington. 

According to data from Northumbria Police, there were no arrests of people between 10-18, or 18-24, for buying, selling, or otherwise possessing the illegal substance. 

The police stated that outcomes other than arrests may have occurred.

The findings were made by media literacy charity The Student View following submission of a Freedom of Information request.

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: “The possession of cannabis is a criminal offence and if we find anyone in possession of the drug then they could face arrest. However, the majority of those found in the possession of small quantities will be given a cannabis warning.

“Any repeat offenders will face prosecution but that does not necessarily mean they will be arrested. When it is appropriate and proportionate to do so, individuals found with cannabis will be reported for the offence and summonsed to court.

“There they could face a range of sanctions including fines, community orders and, if there is evidence they are supplying the drug, they could even be sent to prison.

“Just because there have been no arrests in Washington does not mean that police aren’t putting people before the courts. We want to reassure our communities that tackling illegal drug use remains a priority.”